• Grade:


  • Application:

    Medical oxygen / nitrogen / carbon dioxide / nitrous oxide and other gas transmission, negative pressure suction system, compressed air system, medical water purification and air conditioning system

  • State:

    Hard 、Half Hard 、Soft

  • Standard:


Medical copper pipe mainly includes medical gas copper pipe, medical refrigeration copper pipe and medical copper water pipe.

As the life support system of the hospital, the medical gas system is one of the important components of the hardware of medical facilities. Its operation is directly related to the life safety of patients, and it is an effective guarantee for the hospital to carry out rescue, treatment and detection. The medical gas system pipeline has the characteristics of high pressure, many branches, a wide variety of transportation media and complex characteristics (combustible, bacteria, etc.), so its requirements for pipes are much higher than those for ordinary pipes in general buildings, and it is facing more stringent production standards.

In the post epidemic era, anti epidemic work has become the global norm, and the demand for medical oxygen supply system, the core system for the treatment of COVID-19 is growing. As the carrier of oxygen and other gases in hospitals, medical gas copper pipe has become the focus of attention.

At present, Hongtai medical gas copper tubes have been used in more and more hospital construction projects at all levels throughout the country: Shanghai Huashan Hospital, Hunan Xiangya Second Hospital, Wuhan Leishenshan and Huoshenshan hospitals, China Japan Friendship Hospital, Beijing Xiaotangshan Hospital, Cancer Hospital of Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, Beijing Tiantan Hospital and many other hospitals have adopted Hongtai medical gas copper tubes in their medical gas systems.

  • Medical performance

    Medical performance

    Copper has excellent bacteriostasis, mould resistance and corrosion resistance.

  • Degreased pipe wall, high cleanliness

    Degreased pipe wall, high cleanliness

    Medical gas pipelines have strict requirements for cleanliness and toxic residues. During the production of Hongtai medical copper pipes, the degreasing and cleaning of the pipe wall are strictly implemented, and high-quality cleaning agents are used, which meet the degreasing requirements in the national standards.

  • Physical Property

    Physical Property

    Excellent physical performance, easy to weld and bend, can cope with the complex trends and branches in the hospital gas pipeline system, with low construction difficulty and high efficiency.

  • Long service life

    Long service life

    Can live the same life as the building

  • 涡流探伤,零伤点保障


  • Flaring service
    Flaring service

    Hongtai's unique c-lock cold expansion process applies socket copper pipe to medical copper pipe, providing you with prefabricated flaring service, improving construction efficiency, reducing construction risks and saving construction costs

  • Guarantee of National Standards
    Guarantee of National Standards

    As the drafter of YS/T650-2020 《Seamless Copper Tubes for Medical Gas and Vacuum》, it has excellent quality and reliable strength.

  • Complete accessories and convenient construction
    Complete accessories and convenient construction

    Hongtai produces a wide range of copper pipe connectors (such as tee, elbow, direct, etc.), which can be used in conjunction with medical gas copper pipes, making the construction faster.

  • Widely used hospital engineering cases
    Widely used hospital engineering cases

    Hongtai medical gas copper tubes are widely used in the engineering construction of hospitals and medical institutions at all levels throughout the country. The hospital construction projects in which Hongtai has participated include Wuhan Leishen mountain and Huoshen Mountain hospital, China Japan Friendship Hospital, Beijing Tiantan Hospital, Beijing integrated traditional Chinese and Western medicine hospital, Xiangya Second Hospital, Shanghai Huashan Hospital, Mengchao Hepatobiliary Hospital, Cancer Hospital of Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, Tangdu Hospital of the Military Medical University of the air force, people's Hospital of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region The First Affiliated Hospital of Xi'an Medical College, Beijing Xiaotangshan Hospital, Wuhan Tazihu gymnasium, Hongqiao Industrial Park, etc

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