• LWC Coil

    Use:Refrigeration, Air Conditioning connecting Pipe, Heating, Heat Exchanger Fan Pipe, Oil Pipe, Water Pipe, Air Pipe, Heat Exchanger, etc.  


    Standard:GB/T17791 GB/T1527 GB/GB/T 18033-2017/T450 ASTMB280 ASTMB68 ASTMB75 EN12735 AS1571 JISH3300 EN1057

  • Copper Coil

    Use:air conditioning insulation copper pipe, refrigeration copper pipe, refrigerant transmission copper pipe, hot air exchanger copper pipe, water copper pipe, gas copper pipe, water heater copper pipe , solar energy copper pipe


    Standard:GB/T17791 GB/T1527 GB/T18033-2017 YS/T450 ASTMB280 ASTMB68 ASTMB75 EN12735 AS1571 JISH3300 EN1057

  • Pancake Coil

    Use:air conditioning, refrigeration, water pipe, gas pipe, copper pipe for air conditioning installation and maintenance, copper pipe for refrigerant transmission


    Standard:GB/T17791 GB/T1527 GB/T18033-2017 YS/T450 ASTM B280 ASTMB68 ASTMB75 ASTMB88 EN 12735 AS 1571 JIS H3300 EN 1057

  • Copper Straight Tube

    Use:medical gas, water pipe, gas pipe, HVAC, refrigeration, central air conditioning connection, conductive and other pipe materials.

    State:Hard 、Half Hard 、Soft

    Standard:GB/T17791-2017 GB/T1527-2017 GB/T18033-2017 YS/T450-2013 YS/T650-2020

  • Expanded Copper Straight Pipe

    Use:Prefabricate copper tube expansion / copper tube flaring to facilitate the construction of copper tube connection projects in air conditioning refrigeration, medical gas, water supply and other fields

    State:Hard 、Half Hard 、Soft

    Standard:GB/T17791-2017 GB/T1527-2017 GB/T18033-2017 YS/T450-2013 YS/T650-2007

  • Rubber Insulation

    Use:air conditioning insulation, cold and hot water pipe insulation ,civil and industrial construction, petrochemical industry, metallurgical manufacturing, ship and locomotive, aerospace, energy and power, HVAC, cold chain logistics and other industries

    Standard:GB/T 17794-2008(B1级) GB 8624-2012(B1级)

  • Air Conditioning Disperse Pipe

    Use:Central air conditioning and VRV multi connected air conditioning systems, connecting the host and multiple end devices (evaporators)


  • Copper Fitting

    Use:Copper pipe connector; Air conditioning & refrigeration pipe fittings; Air conditioning copper pipe fittings


    Standard:BS864 ANSI B16.22

  • PE-Coated Copper Pipe

    Use:Drinking hot and cold water pipelines, building water supply and drainage pipelines, gas pipelines, etc

    State:Soft 、Hard

    Standard:YS/T 451-2002, EN1057, ASTM B88

  • Inner Grooved Copper Pipe

    Use:high thermal conductivity, widely used in air conditioning and refrigeration industry


    Standard:GB/T20928 EN12735

  • Capillary Copper Tube

    Use:Suitable for refrigerator, freezer, air conditioner and other refrigeration industries, commonly used as refrigerant transmission pipeline; And precision instruments, meters and electronics.

    State:Soft 、Hard

    Standard:GB/T 1531-1994, ASTM B360

  • Electrical Copper Tubes with Rectangular,Squares Shapes Etc

    Use:Used for electronics, electric furnaces, motors and water heating industries, including rectangular / square / oval / semicircle /d-type / cross shaped copper tubes

    State:Soft 、Hard

    Standard:GB/T 1527-2006

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