Conductive series


  • Grade:


  • Application:

    electrical equipment such as generator, bus cable, switchgear, transformer, heat conduction equipment such as heat exchanger, pipeline, flat plate collector of solar heating device, electroplating, etc

  • State:

    Hard 、Half Hard 、Soft

  • Standard:


  • High Quality Raw Materials 
    High Quality Raw Materials 

    Hongtai conductive copper tubes are 100% made of national first-class electrolytic copper to avoid the weakening of conductivity caused by "lattice distortion" from the source.

  • Advanced processing technology
    Advanced processing technology

    After heat treatment, the electrode has no directionality and is suitable for finishing. It has good thermal conductivity, ductility and corrosion resistance.

  • Unique deoxidation technology
    Unique deoxidation technology

    With nearly 30 years' production experience, Hongtai adopts the exclusive deoxidation technology,abandons the traditional phosphorus deoxidation method, and ensures excellent conductivity.

  • Efficient cleaning
    Efficient cleaning

    The cleaning method of Hongtai medical copper pipe is adopted. The inner and outer walls are bright and oil-free, and the cleanliness meets the medical grade requirements, so as to eliminate the adverse effect of oil pollution on the conductivity.

  • High conductivity standard
    High conductivity standard

    The conductivity of the soft copper tube produced by Hongtai is ≥ 98%, and the hard copper tube is ≥ 95%.

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