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  • Refrigeration

    Refrigeration copper pipe is an irreplaceable refrigerant transmission pipe, which is widely used in air-conditioning connecting pipe, central air-conditioning multi online equipment, refrigerator, freezer and other refrigeration systems. Since its establishment in 1993, Hongtai has built a deep foundation in the field of air conditioning and refrigeration pipes, with a high degree of market recognition. With 30 years of market experience and product technology accumulation, Hongtai's market share and brand reputation of refrigeration copper pipes rank among the best in the industry,

  • Heating

    Due to its excellent heat conduction performance, copper tubes are used in hot water and heating equipment such as solar energy, radiators, wall mounted furnaces, heat exchangers, air source heat pumps, and floor heating installations.

  • Medical

    Medical degreased copper tube has excellent antibacterial and anti-virus ability, and is an ideal choice for medical gas transmission, negative pressure system and medical purification system. As the carrier of oxygen and other gases in hospital, medical gas copper tube has become the focus of attention under the influence of COVID-19.

  • Water supply and Drainage
    Water supply and Drainage给排水系列

    As an ideal choice of water supply and drainage pipes for high-end buildings, red copper pipes are durable, sanitary and bacteriostatic, and not easy to produce secondary pollution. The Chinese national standard 《Green Building Evaluation Standard lists》 copper pipes as high-quality pipes for indoor water supply system; The Ministry of construction of the people's Republic of China has also repeatedly instructed to promote the use of copper tubes in places where conditions permit. Domestic water supply pipes and hot water pipes, especially drinking water / direct drinking water pipes, are increasingly used in high-end office buildings, high-end hotels and high-end apartments in many first and second tier cities...

  • Conductive series
    Conductive series导电系列

    The conductive copper tube has high conductivity, good ductility and corrosion resistance. It is suitable for electrical equipment such as generator, bus cable, switchgear, transformer, heat exchanger, heat conduction equipment, electroplating, etc.

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