Refrigeration 制冷系列

used in air conditioning refrigeration, radiator, refrigerator, freezer and other refrigeration systems

Heating 供热系列

used in heat exchanger, radiators, solar energy and floor heating

Medical 医用系列

For medical gas negative pressure system, medical water purification, ventilation and refrigeration system

Water supply and Drainage 给排水系列

For drinking water, hot and cold water supply,drainage of buildings,food and chemical industry, etc

Conductive series 导电系列

Used in generator, bus cable, switchgear, transformer and other electrical equipment and heat exchanger 

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Qingdao Hongtai Copper Co.,Ltd was established in 1993.It mainly specializes in producing and research and development various copper tubes, the professional manufacturer of R410A Air Conditioning Copper Pipe、Copper Water pipe、Inner Grooved Copper Pipe 、Pancake Copper Coil 、Medical Gas Copper Pipe、OD more than 76mm Straight Copper Pipe 、Radiator Copper Pipe、Insulation Copper Tube、Pe-Coated Copper Tube、Capillary Copper Tube and other copper pipes, Hongtai Copper pipe is widely used in Air-Conditioner unit、 Central Air Conditioning、Refrigerator、Freezer、Solar Energy、Radiators, Conductive, Healthy drinking water, Floor heating installation works, Medical device factories and Shipyards, etc.The subsidiary is Qingdao Hongtai Metal Co.,Ltd.

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