Water supply and Drainage


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  • Application:

    Application: direct drinking water, building hot and cold water supply and drainage, medical water purification, food and chemical industry, etc

  • State:

    Hard 、Half Hard 、Soft

  • Standard:

    GB/T18033 ASTM 888 EN 1057 AS 1432 NZS 3501

Water is the source of life. We have never stopped pursuing water quality since our ancestors set up their first residence by the water. The selection of water supply pipes has been carried out around the core of water safety.

In the world, copper pipes have been used in building water supply projects for a long time, and the penetration rate of copper pipes in developed countries is as high as 75%~95%. In recent years, with the improvement of domestic economic level and quality of life, people have higher and higher requirements for living conditions and food safety. The domestic building materials market has an increasing demand for high-quality water supply pipes.

As an ideal choice for high-end water supply pipes, red copper pipes are durable, sanitary and bacteriostatic, and are not easy to cause secondary pollution. More and more red copper pipes are used for domestic water supply pipes and hot water pipes, especially for direct drinking water pipes, in high-end office buildings, high-end hotels, high-end apartments, etc. in first and second tier cities such as Beijing and Shanghai. Many people who pursue high-quality living environment have also begun to use red copper water pipes to decorate their houses.

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As the water supply and drainage pipe, copper pipe has unique performance conditions

  • Medical performance

    Medical performance

    Copper has excellent bacteriostasis, mould resistance and corrosion resistance.

  • Physical Property

    Physical Property

    TP2 phosphorus deoxidized copper is widely used in copper water pipes, with the copper content of more than 99.95%, and a small amount of phosphorus is added to improve the performance. The guarantee of material is very important to the product performance.

  • Chemical properties

    Chemical properties

    The elongation of hard copper pipe is more than 3%, and the elongation of soft copper pipe is more than 40% ,greatly reducing the impact of building vibration on the pipeline, The domestic copper water pipe meeting the national standard has a pressure resistance of more than 4 MPa under the working environment of 65 ℃.

  • Once installed, Lifelong use

    Once installed, Lifelong use

    After the copper water pipe is put into use after passing the pressure test, it generally will not leak or break, and its service life is the same as that of the building

  • The general trend

    The general trend

    Copper pipes have a long history as water supply pipes. Now, copper water pipes have become the high-quality indoor water supply pipes recommended by various countries.

Unique advantages of Hongtai copper water pipe

  • Flaring service
    Flaring service

    The unique C-LOCK cold expansion technology is adopted to provide you with flaring service, effectively reduce the construction cost and greatly improve the construction efficiency.

  • Guaranteed quality commitment
    Guaranteed quality commitment

    Hongtai copper water pipe is guaranteed for 6 years. Each meter of copper pipe is subject to high-standard online eddy current flaw detection. If any leakage point identified by both parties is found during installation and use, promise to pay immediately.

  • Considerate service system
    Considerate service system

    Provide 24-hour telephone, wechat, official website and other multi-channel consultation before sales; During the sale, we provide professional customized production process and perfect product testing, and provide [door-to-door] logistics distribution; Provide after-sales technical installation guidance throughout the process, and follow-up visits with customer service specialists.

  • Rich experience in supporting cases
    Rich experience in supporting cases

    Focusing on the production of copper tubes since 1993,products are sold to more than 30 countries and regions. It is one of the drafting and formulation units of the national standard GB/T18033 《Seamless Copper Water pipe and Copper Gas Pipe》

  • Perfect certification system
    Perfect certification system

    Hongtai copper water pipes have passed the inspection of authoritative testing institutions, have the national drinking water hygiene and safety license, and have passed the certification of Australian Standard as 1432, New Zealand Standard NZS 3501 and other international standard systems.

  • Thirty years of classic brand
    Thirty years of classic brand

    Focusing on the production of copper tubes since 1993,products are sold to more than 30 countries and regions. It is one of the drafting and formulation units of the national standard GB/T18033 《Seamless Copper Water Pipe and Copper Gas Pipe》

  • Complete industrial chain
    Complete industrial chain

    Hongtai has mother tube production capacity, can control product quality from the source, and has advanced copper tube processing equipment. Provide complete and matching pipe fittings to realize one-stop procurement.

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