• Grade:


  • Application:

    Air conditioning refrigeration, radiator

  • State:

    Hard 、Soft

  • Standard:

    ASTM B280 ASTM B68 ASTM B75 ASTM B837 EN12735 GB/T17791

In the field of refrigeration, copper tubes have always been the first choice for refrigerant transportation. It is widely used in air conditioning connecting pipe, central air conditioning multi line equipment, refrigerator, freezer and other refrigeration systems. Since its establishment in 1993, Hongtai has built a deep foundation in the air conditioning and refrigeration industry, with a high degree of market recognition. The market share and brand reputation of Hongtai R410A refrigeration copper tube are among the best in the industry. With 30 years of market experience and product technology accumulation, Hongtai brand has been standing firm for a long time.


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Hongtai Brand Advantages

  • Rich experience in supporting cases

    Rich experience in supporting cases

    Hongtai has nearly 30 years of specialized production experience in refrigeration copper tubes, a wide range of air-conditioning copper tube accessories, and an experienced service team to provide you with mature engineering solutions.

  • Advanced Hardware Facilities

    Advanced Hardware Facilities

    With advanced continuous casting and rolling production line, equipped with perfect testing equipment and management system.

  • Actively Exploring The Brand Strategy

    Actively Exploring The Brand Strategy

    There are more than 100 franchised distributors all over the country, and has established long-term cooperative relations with Midea, Gree, Yangzi, LG and other air conditioning and refrigerator manufacturers

  • Perfect Certification System

    Perfect Certification System

    Hongtai R410A new refrigerant copper pipe has passed the EU REACH and ROHS inspection.

  • It is the drafting and formulation unit of national standards:

    It is the drafting and formulation unit of national standards:

    GB/T17791-2017《Seamless Copper and Copper Alloy Tubes for Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Equipment》;GB/T20928-2020《Seamless Inner Grooved Copper Tubes》;YS/T 670-2008《Insulated Copper Tubes for Air Conditioner Connections》, etc.

Product features of Hongtai R410A new refrigerant copper pipe

  • Tube expansion service
    Tube expansion service

    The unique Hongtai patented socket type copper straight pipe provides you with prefabricated pipe expansion services to improve construction efficiency and reduce construction risks.

  • Nitrogen filling and pressure maintaining
    Nitrogen filling and pressure maintaining

    Large and small coils are filled with nitrogen throughout the whole process to keep "freshness" and create a bright copper pipe inner wall like a mirror.

  • Eddy current testing
    Eddy current testing

    Flaw detection shall be carried out for every meter of copper pipe out of the factory.

  • Zero injury point
    Zero injury point

    Strict selection of raw materials and high standard nondestructive testing have realized that the new refrigerant copper pipe of Hongtai R410A has no damage points.

  • Warranty : Ten Years.
    Warranty : Ten Years.

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