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LWC Coil紫铜大盘管

Use:Refrigeration, Air Conditioning connecting Pipe, Heating, Heat Exchanger Fan Pipe, Oil Pipe, Water Pipe, Air Pipe, Heat Exchanger, etc.  


Standard:GB/T17791 GB/T1527 GB/GB/T 18033-2017/T450 ASTMB280 ASTMB68 ASTMB75 EN12735 AS1571 JISH3300 EN1057


Hongtai copper pipe is widely used as air conditioning connecting copper pipe, refrigeration copper pipe (R410A refrigerant ), medical degreasing copper pipe, building water supply copper pipe, solar water heater copper pipe and other pipe materials, covering refrigeration, HVAC, heating, water supply and drainage, medical, conductive and other industries.

1. Hongtai has more than 20 years of professional production experience in copper pipe, advanced continuous casting and rolling production line, complete testing equipment and management system.

2. Implement the positive brand strategy, set up more than 100 special distributors of refrigeration copper pipes all over the country, and successively established long-term cooperative relations with Midea, Gree, Yangzi, LG and other air conditioning and refrigerator manufacturers.

3. Complete accessories, all kinds of red copper pipe fittings and multi model air conditioning branch pipes (applicable to Gree, Midea, Daikin, Hitachi and other air conditioning brands) to create a one-stop supply.

4. Flaw detection shall be carried out for each meter of Hongtai red copper pipe to eliminate the defects of copper pipe.

5. Fill nitrogen and maintain pressure to create a clean and bright inner wall of copper pipe.

6. The warranty is ten years.

7. The inner liner + wooden pallet supported, and covered also sealed outside, with layers of protection to ensure transportation safety.

8. Provide anti-counterfeiting technical support for "one certificate and one code" products.

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