Expanded Copper Straight Pipe

Expanded Copper Straight Pipe承插式直管

Use:Prefabricate copper tube expansion / copper tube flaring to facilitate the construction of copper tube connection projects in air conditioning refrigeration, medical gas, water supply and other fields

State:Hard 、Half Hard 、Soft

Standard:GB/T17791-2017 GB/T1527-2017 GB/T18033-2017 YS/T450-2013 YS/T650-2007


Hongtai straight copper pipe is expanded / flared directly at the end of the straight copper pipe by c-lock cold expansion process, and both ends of the copper pipe are prefabricated into sockets ,eliminating manual copper pipe expansion / flares.

1. Hongtai patented technology

Hongtai patented process is adopted to prefabricate tube expansion / flaring.,for hard copper tubes,

to avoid the grain size changed used hand-working heating flared., and the quality of end is stable and reliable.

2. Save time, labor cost and materials

Reduce welding seams, save copper pipe connectors and reduce construction costs; Improve the construction efficiency of copper pipe welding; avoid manual copper tube expansion / manual copper tube flaring ,reduce the risk of hard copper tube expansion.

2. Realize batch supply Automatic equipment production enables stable batch supply of expanded straight copper pipes.

3. each meter of copper pipe passes flaw detection

4. Warranty : Ten Years.

5. "one certificate and one code", authentic copper tubes carry anti-counterfeiting QR codes, which can be scanned for inspection.

Product packaging
  • Wrapped with plastic bag

    Wrapped with plastic bag

  • Each end capped

    Each end capped

  • wooden box

    wooden box

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