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Having both ability and political integrity Recruit talents

Talent concept

  • Virtue comes first
    Virtue comes first

    Morality is the most fundamental and important professional quality and the guidance and foundation of personal ability. Only those who have virtue but no talent can be used; With talent but without virtue is hard to use. In Hongtai, ability determines your position, and morality determines how long you can sit in this position.

  • Education oriented
    Education oriented

    Education oriented, continuous innovation. In order to establish and improve the company's talent training mechanism, reasonably excavate, reserve and cultivate reserve talent teams, open up talent transmission channels for various posts, inherit Hongtai technology and fine traditions, and provide human capital support for sustainable development, the company regularly carries out the implementation plan of talent warehousing and reserve.

  • Ability first
    Ability first

    The company's employment standard is to have a sense of innovation and the spirit of continuous progress.

    The competition mechanism of the company is: the competent go up, the average give way, and the mediocre go down.

    The company will try its best to do: people fit their position

    The company is not only willing to retain people through treatment, but also willing to retain people through career and feelings.

  • Lifelong learning
    Lifelong learning

    In order to provide every employee with the opportunity to learn and cultivate the concept of continuous learning, comprehensive learning and full-time learning, the company conducts irregular training for employees at various posts to continuously improve their personal ability and build the enterprise into a learning organization.

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