Hongtai Perfectline - Not only Exquisite, but also Perfect


It is a new copper tube brand solemnly launched by Hongtai for high-end engineering field. Based on classic copper processing products, it meets the needs of high-end engineering market with the design concept of surpassing high-quality products. Hongtai has been focusing on copper processing technology for nearly 30 years, and has built a deep foundation in the engineering market. It is committed to bringing high-end product quality and service experience to users. To this end, we carry ingenuity, constantly temper ourselves, leap over innovation, pursue the highest level of quality, and help users dream.


Hongtai Perfectline provides R410A refrigeration copper pipe, water supply and drainage copper pipe, medical gas copper pipe and other high-end copper pipe products, which are widely used in home decoration air conditioning host, VRV multi online air conditioning installation, refrigerator, freezer, healthy drinking water, production and installation of medical devices, floor heating engineering installation and other fields. Provide pancake coil, lwc copper coil, small coil, straight copper pipe and other packaging forms to meet different transportation and use needs.


With mature production and testing processes, rich customer service experience, and a user-oriented innovation team, we are committed to the service concept of helping to increase the commercial value of customers, so that Hongtai Perfectline copper tubes can surpass high-quality products and become more perfect.

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