Exhibition Report | Hongtai Copper Tube debuted at the National Hospital Construction Conference


On May 17, 2024, the "25th National Hospital Construction Conference and International Hospital Construction, Equipment and Management Exhibition" (CHCC 2024 ) was grandly opened at the China Western International Expo City in Chengdu.


At this exhibition, Hongtai exhibited a full range of medical products. Hongtai medical copper tube products cover medical gas systems, medical air conditioning and refrigeration systems, medical water purification systems, floor heating systems, and ward five-constant systems, and are widely used in engineering construction projects of hospitals and medical institutions at all levels across the country. Among them, medical gas copper tubes are the key products exhibited this time.


In order to meet the installation requirements of medical pipeline , Hongtai has developed medical socket copper tubes for customers in recent years, and is also equipped with a full range of medical copper tube accessories. Hongtai has been deeply involved in the field of medical copper tubes for 30 years, focusing on the research and development of copper tube products, actively leading the market, innovating products, and making customers feel at ease and comfortable. At the scene of Hongtai, elites from the medical industry came and stopped one after another, and the scene was very lively and extraordinary!


In order to allow those who are interested in Hongtai Copper Tubes to enjoy the grand occasion without leaving homes, at 10:00 a.m. on the 18th, the "Hongtai Copper Tubes" video account live broadcast room presented a wonderful live broadcast to customers, explaining on-site the copper tubes of different systems in medical engineering and the highlights of this year's latest products. Hongtai Chairman and General Manager Li Fupeng also appeared in the live broadcast room to interact cordially with everyone.

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