Hongtai won the top ten "Golden Butler" suppliers for three times


From April 22 to 24, Hongtai was invited to participate in the 2024 (19th) SMM Copper Industry Conference and Copper Industry Expo jointly organized by Shanghai Nonferrous Metals Network and Shandong Hengbang Smelting Co., LTD., and was awarded the honorary title of "Top 10 SMM high-quality 'Gold Butler' Suppliers in 2024".

As a high-profile supplier in the field of copper tube processing, Hongtai was elected as the top ten supplier of this year with its strong market foundation of more than 30 years, the strength of the top ten copper tubes in China, and the recognition of tens of thousands of domestic dealers and customers. business. Winning this award for three consecutive years not only demonstrates Hongtai's leading position in the industry, but also proves its outstanding achievements in copper tube processing.

Hongtai's copper tubes are used in many industries, including medical, refrigeration, heating, water supply and drainage, etc., providing long-lasting and reliable solutions to customers from all walks of life. Taking advantage of this opportunity, interact closely with industry experts, participating companies and colleagues in the industry to jointly discuss the trends and prospects of industry development, and work together to promote the prosperity of the copper industry.

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