Same Frequency Resonance helps New Production Lines


Hongtai's "New Green Intelligent Production Line" has been started since March 2023, and after 9 months of joint efforts, it has been successfully put into operation on the occasion of Hongtai's 30th anniversary.


The smooth operation of the new production line is inseparable from the correct decision of the leadership of Hongtai, the hard work of the preparation team of the new production line, and the full help of the staff of various departments. Under the overall deployment of the Equipment Management Department, the personnel of each department used their spare time to lay the main cable of the equipment, and 12 devices with a total of 1265 meters and 240 square meters of cable lines were laid in only 4 days. In line with the principle of energy saving and consumption reduction, under the cooperation of the Production Department, Power Center, New Product Department, Quality Department, Technology Department and other departments personnel and equipment management department, all the cables that are not used by the original equipment are withdrawn and collected, and lay them on the main power line of the auxiliary equipment in the new production line, which greatly reduces the infrastructure cost.


Through the joint efforts of all employees of Hongtai, the smooth operation of the new production line will definitely achieve customer satisfaction for Hongtai's "Anchor customer interests in 2024,Continuous improvement, Elimination of waste, Lean production " laying a solid foundation for the work theme.

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