Features and applications of copper tube


Copper tube is a kind of pipe made of pure copper, which is characterized by good thermal conductivity, electrical conductivity and corrosion resistance. Copper tubes are usually made of non-oxidized copper materials with high purity and uniform organizational structure.

The main features of copper tubes include:

1. Thermal conductivity: Copper tubes have excellent thermal conductivity and can conduct heat quickly, so they are widely used in heat exchangers, condensers and other equipment that require efficient heat dissipation.

2. Conductive properties: Copper tubes have good conductive properties and are suitable for conductive pipes, connectors and other components in the fields of electricity, electronics, communications and other fields.

3. Corrosion resistance: Copper tubes have high corrosion resistance and can resist the erosion of various media, so they are widely used in chemical industry, marine engineering, water treatment and other fields.

4. Processing performance: Copper tubes are easy to process into various shapes and sizes, and can be bent, expanded, welded and other processes for easy installation and use.

5. Reliability: Copper tubes have high strength and toughness, can withstand certain pressure and temperature changes, and have a long service life.

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