Hongtai Lean Production Japan Study Tour ended successfully


From January 8 to 13, 2024, Li Fupeng, chairman and general manager of Hongtai, led the team to Japan for practical learning on lean production.

Hongtai has introduced the "Toyota Model" study since September 2023. The main purpose of this study tour in Japan is to allow management to break their inherent thinking, combine the theoretical study of this book, and further invest in the practical activities of lean production, so as to achieve we always focus on customers and produce high-quality products safely and efficiently.

Japan is the birthplace of lean production, with more than 25,000 century-old companies. The reason why they have been able to develop to this day is that the essence of their management is an innovative concept, a dedicated spirit and a professional quality.

During this study tour, Mr. Li led the team members to study the "General Introduction to TPS". Combined with on-site visits to the Toyota Hall and Toyota supply companies, the Hongtai team deeply understood the "fineness" and "details" of corporate management.

When visiting the AVEX factory that was established in 1949 and has grown to this day, its managers explained in detail that the secret to the company's 75-year development lies in their insistence on "taking ideas as the main axis, inheriting the business, and becoming a 100-year sustainable operation" "Enterprise" management philosophy. They drive the growth of the company through the improvement of employees, which coincides with Hongtai's innovative spirit.

During the practical exercises at the Kato Manufacturing Factory, the teacher in charge of the practical exercises guided the Hongtai team through step-by-step explanations to discover loopholes and waste in the current management through practical operations. The key point of TPS is to eliminate all waste and through practical operations let the participants have an enlightening understanding of the core points of lean production.

Although the learning process was only a short week, under the leadership of Mr. Li, Hongtai's management gradually opened up its own pattern and realm. In future management, it will use Hongtai's thirty-year cultural heritage as support to continuously innovate management methods and focus on Focus: Establish the concept of customer first, build a world-class, international precision copper tube production base, and jointly achieve the goal of sustainable operation for a century.

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