How to choose Disperse Pipe:A brief discussion on the advantages of Hongtai Disperse Pipe


In the installation and operation of the multi-split system, the branch pipe plays a vital role,it is responsible for shunting the refrigerant in the pipe to each indoor unit to achieve the effects of cooling and heat exchange. If the branch pipe is improperly selected, leakage or pipe explosion may occur, causing great losses to the central air conditioning system, and later maintenance will be very laborious. Therefore, the selection of branch pipes cannot be taken lightly.

Hongtai branch pipes have various models and complete specifications, are perfectly suitable for the installation and use of multi-split air conditioners of Gree, Midea, Hitachi and Daikin brands.

1. The branch ports of the branch pipes are welded, and the welded ports are also the most prone to problems. Hongtai branch pipes have full solder joints and no weak spots; the wall thickness is uniform and there are no weak points.

2. Hongtai branch pipes undergo a 6MPA pressure test before leaving the factory, and are 100% leak-free. The actual maximum leakage burst pressure reaches 20MPA, far exceeding the industry standard technical requirements (≥10MPA).

3. The branch pipe is made of copper pipe. The quality of the copper pipe directly determines the quality of the branch pipe. Hongtai branch pipe is made of high-quality pure electrolytic copper as raw material, ensuring product quality from the source.

4. During the processing of the branch pipe, a large amount of oxides will be left behind, so impurities must be removed through cleaning. Hongtai's branch pipe adopts a unique acid-free cleaning process, which makes the inner and outer surfaces of the branch pipe as bright as a mirror, and is environmentally friendly and pollution-free.

5. The 10-year warranty ensures worry-free operation of the air conditioner, allowing users to use it with confidence.

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