Nitrogen filling and pressure maintaining:makes refrigeration copper pipes more outstanding




Nitrogen filling and pressure maintaining is a word familiar to every refrigeration person. It is an indispensable and important link in the installation and maintenance process of refrigeration copper pipes.

In the production process of Hongtai R410A refrigerant special copper tubes (coil series), there is also a special process of nitrogen filling and pressure maintaining. As a vital link in the high-quality manufacturing of copper tubes, what role does it play?


一  防止铜管内壁氧化 Prevent oxidation of the inner wall of copper pipes  


Since nitrogen is difficult to chemically react with other substances at room temperature, filling the inside of the copper tube with nitrogen as a protective gas can isolate the air and prevent the inner wall of the copper tube from being exposed to the air and gradually oxidizing, thus extending the storage period of Hongtai R410A special copper tube for refrigerant , improve the experience of using copper pipes.

二  保持清洁,减轻施工负担 Keep clean and reduce construction burden


Hongtai R410A refrigerant special copper pipe seals the openings at both ends of the copper pipe after filling with nitrogen and maintaining pressure, which can isolate external dust and impurities from the outside to prevent internal contamination, thus reducing the burden during installation and construction.

三  检测管壁漏点 Detect pipe wall leakage points


After filling with nitrogen and maintaining pressure, the leakage point of the copper pipe can be checked again by detecting the pressure inside the pipe, further ensure the quality of each R410A refrigerant-specific copper pipes shipped from the factory.


四  施工更放心 Construction more assured


During the construction process, nitrogen protection is required during welding to prevent oxidation of the inner wall. But in fact, some installation companies will omit the nitrogen filling in order to save costs, which affects the cleanliness of the inner wall; Hongtai R410A refrigerant special coil that has been filled with nitrogen and pressure-maintained can reduce the nitrogen filling time during welding and reduce welding costs,solve this problem to a certain extent.

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