Focus on copper pipes for 30 years


Taoism says that one generates two, two generates three, and three generates all things. After the few copper pipe factories successfully opened the waterway.Suddenly, like a spring breeze overnight, in just a few short years, copper pipe manufacturers all over the country sprang up and entered The Warring States Period of the pipe industry. In today's copper pipe market, there are as many brands as there are crucian carp in the river, and the quality is naturally good and bad.If you want to select a few copper tube manufacturers with more than 30 years of experience in copper tube production from among the many copper tube manufacturers in the country,there are only a few companies, and Hongtai is one of the few.

As an enterprise that started earlier in the production of copper tubes in the country, it has experienced ups and downs in this industry, ups and downs. Since the establishment of the factory, Hongtai has always adhered to the concept of honest management and customer service. It has been deeply involved in this industry for 30 years, accumulated valuable experience, and formed its own unique highlights:


Profound brand heritage

As one of the few experienced copper pipe manufacturers in the country that is still stable in the production of copper pipes for more than 30 years, Hongtai has been focusing on the improvement of product quality, making high-quality products and creating brands since the old chairman Mr. Li Baocheng. The older generation of Hongtai people have gone through hardships and hardships all the way, starting from scratch, and created the famous brand "Hongtai" in the whole country, and have always regarded it as their life. 30 years of hard work, 30 years of wind and rain, 30 years of protection, following the footsteps of the predecessors, generations of Hongtai people are determined to forge ahead, think what customers think, be anxious about what customers are anxious about, improve product quality with heart, solve customer pain points, and take good care of " The brand "Hongtai" gives it a new concept. "Hongtai" is not only a brand name, but also represents the perseverance of Hongtai people for 30 years. The experience and heritage in this industry bear the promise of generations of Hongtai people.


Personalized product customization


When customers have needs, we must respond. Actively solving problems for customers and solving pain points is what Chairman Li Fupeng has always asked us to do. In view of the serious waste of copper pipe welding materials in the market, after detailed market research, in 2019, our company launched a socket-type copper pipe. Once the product was launched, it was well received, solved the problems that had troubled customers for many years, and greatly reduced the cost of customers.
The socket-type copper tube technology, as a patented technology of Hongtai, was first introduced in the industry and is applicable to many fields. It subverts the traditional construction process that the copper tube must be expanded before welding, and is a huge innovation in the industry. Small batches of copper tubes, especially straight tubes, are complete in specifications, which is a highlight of our company. As long as customers have needs, our company can undertake products of various sizes and quantities, one-stop ordering, one-stop production, one-stop service, to meet customer needs to the greatest extent and reduce customer procurement costs.


High-precision copper tube production line put into operation

The smooth commissioning of the high-precision copper tube production line escorts the quality improvement and strong delivery time.
Awareness of delivery date and quality are essential awareness for Hongtai people. In order to better provide customers with high-precision, high-quality copper tubes and greatly increase the delivery time, our company officially put into operation a high-precision copper tube production line in March this year. The production capacity of the new line is conservatively estimated at 35,000 tons. With the completion of the new line and the release of production capacity, it can be foreseen that in the near future, the quality of our products will have another qualitative leap, and the delivery time will also be greatly improved. At the same time, the company will also take this opportunity to optimize the product structure, provide customers with high-end, sophisticated and cutting-edge products, and at the same time make higher improvements in service awareness. In this regard, we are full of confidence.
The highlights of Hongtai products are not limited to the above points, excellent product quality, comprehensive and professional after-sales service, various anti-counterfeiting marks, sufficient inventory, complete product categories, three-dimensional product structure, and complete supporting facilities. The auxiliary material products are also the highlights of Hongtai.
Hongtai's products may not be the best, and the price may not be the lowest, but our products are the most cost-effective. At the same time, we are also the most attentive to the voice of customers and the fastest to adjust. Archimedes said, give me a fulcrum, and I can move the earth. As long as there is an opportunity for us to cooperate, Hongtai will present you with a bright future.

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