Hongtai's new 3# production workshop started smoothly!


At 9:58 am on March 26, 2023, a grand groundbreaking ceremony was held at the construction site where Hongtai's new 3# workshop project . The business leaders and employee representatives of the cooperative unit attended the ceremony together with the leaders and employees of the relevant departments of our company responsible for this project.

Before the ceremony, Li Fupeng, chairman and general manager of Hongtai, introduced the basic situation of the new project in detail: the new project plans to invest about 200 million yuan, with a planned construction area of 24,000 square meters. It will mainly build 3 workshops and supporting buildings. Two new intelligent green manufacturing high-precision copper tube production lines with an annual output of 70,000 tons and deep processing projects for copper metal refrigeration accessories. The first production line was put into use in December. The completion of the new production line will increase output by 35,000 tons and increase output value by 2.3 billion yuan. The putting into use of the new project will strongly promote the company to move forward in the direction of production standardization, large-scale operation and refined management.

Afterwards, Zhang Ruicong, deputy general manager of Qingdao Detai Construction Engineering Co., Ltd., the contractor expressed congratulations on behalf of the cooperative unit, and at the same time expressed to the company the determination to ensure quality, safe and civilized construction, complete on schedule and do high-quality projects. Finally, with the sound of gun salutes, the new 3# workshop project started smoothly. The successful holding of the commencement ceremony of Hongtai’s new 3# project has greatly encouraged the morale of all employees of the company, strengthened the determination of all employees to struggle, clarified the direction of hard work, and created a good start for the development of the company after the epidemic. The construction of new projects will continue to uphold Hongtai's excellent corporate culture, unite as one, constantly surpass, and recreate refined products.


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