Difference between medical gas copper tube and refrigeration copper tube


1. Different uses and production standards:

Medical gas copper pipe, also known as seamless copper pipe for medical gas or vacuum, is used to transport medical gases such as oxygen, nitrogen and carbon dioxide. The production standard is YS / T 650;  Air conditioning copper pipes are used for air conditioning and refrigeration equipment, and the production, standard is GB / T 17791. During the acceptance of the project supervisor, if the pipe production standards are inconsistent, it will not be able to pass the acceptance smoothly.

2. The inner wall of medical copper tube requires higher cleanliness:

Oily substances will gasify when they encounter pure oxygen, releasing a large amount of heat, which is easy to cause combustion and even explosion. Therefore, medical copper pipes have more stringent requirements on the residual amount of grease on the inner surface than air-conditioning copper pipes, and must be degreased; At the same time, medical copper pipes have more stringent requirements for carbon residue in the inner wall, while air conditioning copper pipes have no requirements. Therefore, replacing medical copper pipes with air-conditioning pipes will bring serious safety hazards.

3. Different wall thickness requirements:

When the outer diameters are the same or similar, the wall thickness of medical copper pipes is thicker than the air conditioning copper pipes, and the service life is longer.

4. Different printing requirements:

Medical copper tube body printing must reflect "medical" or the capital letter "YY" representing medical; There is no such requirement for the printing format of air conditioning copper pipes.

Application cases of Hospital Engineering

Hongtai medical copper pipes are used in these places:

Leishenshan Hospital 

Huoshenshan Hospital

Beijing Xiaotangshan Hospital

Wuhan Tazihu gymnasium, Hongqiao Industrial Park and other shelter Hospitals

China-Japan Friendship Hospital 

 Beijing Tiantan Hospital

 Hospital of integrated Chinese and Western medicine 

Xiangya Second Hospital

Shanghai Huashan Hospital

Mengchao Hepatobiliary Hospital

Cancer Hospital of Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences

Tangdu Hospital of Air Force Military Medical University

People's Hospital of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region

The First Affiliated Hospital of Xi'an Medical College

...and so on

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